Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What has Disney done?

I am a child of the 80s, well I was born in '86, so I guess I can say that. And as such, I grew up with all the Disney classics, some of which are still among my favorite movies.

I have to admit I get annoyed when they come up with "Cinderella 4: the return of the return of the Beast." Or things like that. (The Tinkerbell thing going on right now is galling me out*) But a friend told me once that the sequels are for the training of the interns of Disney. That's a little more acceptable.

But what my question really has to do with is this: What happened to innocence? Why do Disney stars end up like this:

And this:

And most recently, like this:

This is from her "new" video, "Can't be tamed," which, when I saw it, I could not believe that A-it was her, B-that her father let her do that! and C-that she would do that. Well, actually I could believe that last one. Let's also hope that the picture of her behind bars is NOT a preview of things to come.

This isn't all Disney's fault; there is the added pressure of an increasing world view as women as sex symbols. And what on earth is her father thinking? I had hopes that because he seemed like a well grounded guy (maybe I was assuming this because he is a country singer, and many older-time country singers deal well with wealth and fame), that Miley would turn out alright.

Sigh. I don't know. I just ask the questions around here. So, why does a "family-friendly" company, like Disney turn out so many... what's the word I'm looking for here... skanky hoes? Oh, that was harsh... the truth hurts...

*For those who don't know me or my family personally that just happen upon this blog, my family has a word: "gall." (Pronounced gahl--rhymes with doll) It basically means a horrid fascination. Imagine you're watching something so corny, but you can't keep your eyes off it because it's so awful! (Most of the old Musicals have a definite "gall" element) That's gall. So when I say "galling me out" I mean, that it's gross and yet I can't look away. Not to say that I've seen any of the tinkerbell movies, heaven forbid...

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