Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can something MAKE you happy?

I got out of an orchestra practice today and I was beaming. I thought to myself, "Music makes me happy!" Then I pondered further on that phrase, can something really make you happy? Or do we choose to be happy?

I love music; it's a part of me, and it helps me emote better than most other forms of expression. But does it MAKE me happy? No, because sometimes I get sad when listening to or playing music.

I guess that question is really about emotions. Are they something that can be chosen, or are they that easily swayed by external stimuli? Or is it some mixture of both? More than likely that is the answer; seldom are things so black-and-white as we think of them.

Yet, it's still a question I have. But I'll continue to enjoy music. I'll always love it. And I hope that happiness is always an emotion that accompanies many musical experiences.

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  1. Hey its ian. I believe that happiness is a somewhat transient emotional response that can be effected by a persons attitude regarding the stimuli. Example I've been happy watching football, cleaning baby poop and having water thrown at me. Those same things have all elicited negative responses at other times. Attitude has to be the most powerful element regarding happiness. We can choose to be happy regardless of our circumstances. Read the book Mans Search for meaning. He expounds this thought.